Branch Manager

Branch Manager

Branch Manager – Kamloops

We are a construction materials supplier searching for a leader who shares our passion for customer service, cares about the well-being of staff and is committed to continuous learning: a person who is intuitive and can anticipate the needs of our customers, is attentive and aware of market shifts and technologies, and how they can affect our organization.

We are seeking a highly motivated, capable and adaptable individual with a great sense of humour and an understanding of the human interactions of a diverse group of people, which includes both customers and employees. Someone with the proven expertise to coordinate the ever changing market realities and branch dynamics, can work respectfully under pressure and can build and effectively manage teams. We desire a problem solver, a person who can follow processes and procedures, yet question the status quo to improve outcomes.
We invite all applicants who are leaders to apply for this position.


V1S 0A2 Kamloops, CAN
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