Cellular Telephone Technician Job

Posted By on January 5, 2018

Cellular Telephone Technician Job

Examine cell phone unit and observe operation until an initial suspicion is developed to open up the unit and perform further checks using electronic hand tools and prescribed testers. • Ensure that all pertinent repair and testing tools and appliances are in proper working condition. • Determine parts to be replaced and provide cost estimates to the client prior to starting any work. • Update client on the progress of troubleshooting and append initial cost estimates when necessary. • Observe regular work schedules to achieve optimum work productivity. • Attend training courses on new developments in cellular telephony and technologies. • Perform functional test to triage damaged devices and diagnose failures. • Disassemble, test and replace defective components. • Test and reclaim individual components and external housings. • Reassemble complete devices, following predetermined work instructions. • Perform full functional testing. • Label, box and kit finished goods as required.


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