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Displaced The Loss of a Job targets the effects and stress a person experiences when they lose their job. It gives pointed recommendations on what can be done for the survivor of families until employment is found. It also provides details on what to do when you lose your job. Do you know where the nearest unemployment office is located? What is required to apply for unemployment? Do you have a budget? Recommendations are given on how to plan a budget based on the money you are bringing home. What bills in your budget are essential and what bills are non-essential. Suggestions are given on how to find free family entertainment. But the area that really stands out is: How to manage finances and other problems when Grown Children Return Home. It should be noted that most of us are not financial advisers, consultants, or accountants. We are average people faced with the same or similar financial situations. The loss of jobs, rising prices, drastic drop in home values and However, at some point we all have to become financial advisors, consultants, and accountants for our families. We have to make serious financial plans, when we lose our jobs. We have to advise our families on what we can and cannot afford. We have to consult with families and friends when we need a place to stay or a helping hand. Most of all we are accountants, because we have to put together a budget and balance it based on our income. We have to make it work for our families. This book is based on facts and what it takes to survive when your financial situation changes. It gives some pointed recommendations on how you can do the right thing for the survival of you and your family. The first part of this book was written when the economy was considered somewhat stable. However, this did not prevent companies from downsizing and reorganizing to cut back on what they considered unnecessary positions. Mary, the primary character in this book, and other employees in her company, lost their jobs due to reorganization. The employees who lost their jobs were considered to be displaced. A cute word for you are fired or laid off. However, if you find a job in another department in the company and the manager is willing to hire you, you can continue to work for the company. Remember, it does not matter how you lose your job, whether through downsizing, layoff, or reorganization, the fact remains the same you Do Not Have A Job. The job to support your family is gone
Displaced The loss of a Job | Ebook

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