Financial Planner

Financial Planner

Location: Scarborough, ON (1 block from Eglinton & McCowan)
As an expert in the field of financial planning, you thoroughly understand how intrusive bad credit can be when a client wants to purchase a vehicle. Help us make a difference in the lives of financially-struggling individuals by lending us your superior financial planning knowledge.
About Us
Everyone knows someone who struggles with understanding and improving their personal finances. But a bad credit should not prevent that person from driving a vehicle. We assist people with bruised and damaged credit snag the car of their dreams.

You will be provided with 200 hot leads per month.

You will be expected to close all, if not most, of these leads.

You will generate new business and maintain old leads.

You will review the clients credit history and determine the best course of action totake to make sure that client gets into a vehicle.


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