Free Guide Canada Immigration how to apply for Nova Scotia PNP Program

Free Guide Canada Immigration how to apply for Nova Scotia PNP Program
Know your eligibility about Nova Scotia PNP program. Know how to fill Your application when NSNP open. Detailed steps by step description of NSNP application.

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Free Guide Canada Immigration how to apply for Nova Scotia PNP Program

18 thoughts on “Free Guide Canada Immigration how to apply for Nova Scotia PNP Program”

  1. Hello sir i want to know how much bank statement is required we are three members and from saudia Arabia and also plz mention that that statement should be sleeping amount thnaks

  2. Dear Sir 

    I have login file for BC PNP in Feb 2018.How much time it will take for approval and after approval how much time take for PR

  3. Thank you for this video. My question is very easy. Before application, i need to gather all documents to upload, is it at this stage i need to get proof of funds? or after i submit application?

  4. Hello,

    Very useful video, first of all thank you for providing such information.

    My question is my and my wife both are in in 2171 and both are working, do I need to upload my wife's documents for NSNP category B? I mean all documents like passport, employment etc I don't see separate section to upload spouse documents on portal so documents are only for main applicants? Kindly provide answer.

  5. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to apply NS PNP in NOC code 2171 (System Analyst -current 2 years experience) which is my primary NOC but I have also previous job experience in NOC 2172(Data Warehouse Analyst-5 years experience), total 7 years of experience. I collected Letter of reference based on NOC 2171 (System Analyst).

    I am worried that if I got PR based on 2171 (System Analyst), and after landing NS, if I do not survive in the role in 2171(because of very little work experience), in that case may I apply in the job of NOC 2172 (BI Analyst).
    Is Canada employer check the details of NOC, which I have given in PNP or EE profile?
    Please NOTE: actually my responsibilities of 2172 consists 50% responsibilities of 2171 and the technology involved in both NOC are same, so may I now apply for the job against 2172?

    Thanks in advance for your valuable response.

  6. Hello Sir,
    1) I would like to apply with my accomponing spouse. In this case how can we fill up the initials beside the each statements of Sign Decleration form(Section N – Declaration).
    I mean to say, do we need to write our initials with sperated by coma(,) in a single form and sign it?
    or do we need to write our initials for each of us in two sperate form one for me, primary applicant and other for spouse?

    2) My HR manager said that it will take 2 days to provide Lof. If I take letters of reference from my current employer before the application date on which I will be applying for Nova Scotia PNP.
    Will it be accepatable? or do I need to collect it after the application date from my current employer?

    3)How many days the category B remain open from the opening day? I require to know this answer because, my bank administration said that it will take 2 days to provide proof of fund certificate.

  7. Ive seen that whenever nsnp opens, there are limited slits and so much of traffuc on the website that you just cannot log in. How does one deal this situation?

  8. Hello, what about (Sales,Marketing,PR, and Advertising) ? And hows the comparison between this and SINP? in terms of both opening frequency and intake ?

  9. Hello good afternoon
    I am Madan shakya 10th paas from Nepal and I am 37now
    Currently working in Kuwait as a store keeper cum forklift operetor and also can operate MHE mechine, car license from KSA also I have 8years good
    experience in this field
    Currently I have heard about Nava Scotia Canada I am very eager to work in Canada in this way I need your assistance,, please help me

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