How to apply for jobs in Canada

How to apply for jobs in Canada
Hi all, in this video I explained how to apply for jobs in Canada.
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How to apply for jobs in Canada

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  1. Hii Anna please give me reply nenu truck driver ni .tourist visa lo vaste 5 months lo driving licence tisuko vachu annaru.mari tourist visa lo vaste first five months survey avataniki job dorukutundaa ???. I have 10 years experience, and I have a Indian truck driver licence

  2. 👍 Good Video! I have not seen anyone get job from India without already having a visa but then I do not know many people so i might be wrong. LinkedIn is a good way to build some contacts and to try for jobs even b4 coming here. LinkedIn premium helped me get multiple job offers within one month of landing and also to get in touch with many HRs here in Canada even b4 I landed in Canada. I accepted my current job offer within 15 days of landing. Just sharing my experience.

  3. Hi srikanth garu mi WhatsApp no. Share chesthara anna
    Nen mba ki Canada plan chesthunanu
    So knchm guidance kavali

  4. How to apply truck driver job from Indian heavy driver Anna… please tell me… I have 10years experience…

  5. Hi Srikanth garu. I'm looking for an opportunity in Facilities Management domain since I'm into it. Can u provide the info related to this domain jobs, opportunities and demand? Thanks in advance.

  6. Brother Hai…
    I have 1yr experience in pharmacist job.and Pharmacist future ela vunadi plz telme information plz

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