How To Write A Resume

How To Write A Resume
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In this video I show you how to write a bomb AF resume and land your next job! Whether you’re in high school or college, or if you’re a working professional, these are the things I think are the most important to include when writing a resume. I recently just moved from Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas so I thought I’d share how I’m updating my own resume and applying for a job. I also created a template for you to easily write your own resume and it’s linked below!

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Resume Template (Pages)
Resume Template (Word/Google Docs)

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How To Write A Resume

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7 thoughts on “How To Write A Resume”

  1. Ive heard you shouldn’t put your GPA especially if it’s under a 3.5 because it really doesn’t matter unless a place specifically asks for it and if they see you have a lower gpa they may see you as unmotivated in school

  2. This helped me so much cause I’m in university now and I’m living on my own and I don’t have a job, and student loans didn’t cover everything so yea, I have to be applying within a few weeks so let’s hope I get a call back so I can’t put a future “what to wear to an interview” video to use 😂💕

  3. I hope you are happy in Texas! This was such a great video to put out there because they honestly don't really teach this in High School which is kind of sad..

  4. i thought it was best to keep a resume under 1 page? also if you have more than 1 and are going in for an interview, would you print it double-sided or single-sided?

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