New Government Jobs – We need you
The British Government has big plans for the Internet. They want to make sure that only people who are over 18 look at porn. So in the Digital Economy Bill, they’ve outlined how they are going to get the BBFC to classify and censor online content in the same way it does for films. They’re going to decide if a website is pornographic and if it is making sure that the people who view it are over 18. If they can’t guarantee that, then they’ll be BANNED. The only problem (well not the ONLY problem) is that the Internet is massive, so the few people they have at the BBFC aren’t going to be able to do it all by themselves. That’s where you come in.

Apply for a job as an Internet Censor to help the Government with their ambitious plan. Anyone with access to the internet can apply.

Think this sounds like a ridiculous idea? That’s because it is. But it’s happening, so please apply for this unique opportunity today.

Think it’s a stupid idea? Sign the petition:

Agree it’s a stupid idea but still want the job? Apply for the job:
New Government Jobs - We need you

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