Software Developer

Software Developer

Experience Qualifications:

Experience with at least 1 modern MVC framework (e.g. Mojolicious, Django, Rails, etc.)
Experience working with at least 1 modern testing framework (e.g. prove, jUnit, Spock, etc.)
Experience writing and debugging SQL queries (e.g. Oracle, MySQL, etc.)
Experience building, testing, and consuming RESTful web services
Experience with version control systems (e.g. SVN, Git)
Basic Linux + bash scripting skills

Knowledge Qualifications:

Current understanding of Perl, Python or other high-level scripting language (e.g. PHP etc.)
Working expertise of client side web development (e.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, JSON, etc.)

Would be considered an asset:

Experience with any of the following tools: Mojolicious, DBIx::Class, Django, perlbrew
Experience with any message queue implementation (e.g. xmlBlaster, JMS, RabbitMQ, etc.)
Knowledge of network administration tasks: Ipv4/IPv6 addressing, DNS, DHCP, etc.


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