Summer Recreation Playground Labourer

Summer Recreation Playground Labourer

Recreation Playground Labourer III

The City of Martensville has an opening for a full-time Recreation Playground Labourer to start June 4, 2018. This position will be responsible for the delivery of the Summer Playground Program . Specific duties and assignments include, but are not limited to, the following:

Research, develop and implement a suitable fun-filled and well-rounded Summer Playground Program for children aged three to twelve years.
Develop and implement an advertisement and promotion plan to promote the Summer Playground Program through newsletters, school visits, posters and other means available.
Prepares a list of programs, supplies and equipment, including cost, required to operate the Summer Playground Program, to be ordered prior to the program start.
Train and supervise the Summer Playground Workers and any potential volunteers
Ensure the safety of the children during the scheduled Summer Playground Program.


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