What Nobody Tells You About Applying for Internships & Jobs!

Think of your dream job right now & then watch this video to see how to get it! The standard tips do NOT help you apply for positions so I answer everything you’re scared of in this video!

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Part I to this video:

How to find internships: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD6a8eTpoA0

How to interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54QGFm2uCgI&t=1s

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What Nobody Tells You About Applying for Internships & Jobs!

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17 thoughts on “What Nobody Tells You About Applying for Internships & Jobs!”

  1. Hey Katherine!!! I am Zana from NYC. I watch most of all your videos. Inspired by you, I also wanted to start my own YouTube channel but I am not sure if I should. I love the content of your videos!! I wanted to know the type of camera you use to have such great video quality just if I wanted to create a channel.
    Thank You in advance!
    And Lots of love from NYC.

  2. Can you do a video about your freshmen year of college? What you did in terms of clubs and classes and prepping for the future? I love all your videos btw! Really informative and best of all you have an authentic personality!!


    Also I had a phone interview but didn't realize we were in a different time zone so I was totally startled by it ? but it worked out!!

  4. my question is do you think internships are for a specific major/career? my major is theater and i want to go into television acting but im not sure if i should be looking for internships or be building my skills and gaining experience in a different way.

  5. Hi Katherine, you mentioned that you look at the LinkedIn profiles of successful people to see where there started their career. Is it weird, or should I be concerned, that they get a notification that a stranger (myself) viewed their profile? Do you connect with people on LinkedIn that you do not know? or people that you aspire to be like? Do you have a message format you use for connecting with people on LinkedIn? Thanks!

  6. Thank you thank you!!! How did you find time to research opportunities/prepare for interviews while being a full time student?

  7. Ahhh Katherine I love your videos so much! I am a high school senior right now and your videos have been assuaging so many of my fears. You feel like a big sister and I can't thank you enough for being so helpful!!

  8. How do you feel about cover letters? I've heard mixed reviews….some people think they show effort and interest while others believe it to be a waste of time cause no one from the company would read it. I want to apply to ask many internships as possible but having to write a cover letter for each one is time consuming. I want to compensate for my low-ish gpa, but I also have already had two different internship experiences that I list on my resume. So what do you think? Cover letter or no cover letter? Thanks so much! As usual your video was full of great tips ?

  9. Can you give advice on how to interview? I always have trouble trying to think about stories or evidence to help support my answer to interview questions.

  10. Is it worth it more to get a paid internship or an internship that doesn't pay but is a better opportunity experience wise?

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