When Are You Ready to Apply for a Web Development Job

When are your ready to apply for a web development position.
All you need to do is be able to turn a psd or image design into HTML and CSS.

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When Are You Ready to Apply for a Web Development Job

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16 thoughts on “When Are You Ready to Apply for a Web Development Job”

  1. How long were you working on HTML/CSS jobs before moving onto a job that requires code, via javascript, or PHP, etc.

  2. Hi! I dont live in USA, how can i apply for any job in USA, are there any services ? I really want to start working as a frontend dev, i feel like i am ready to work for 200$ a month and
    I am avaliable for like 30 hours a week(I am 16 y/o).
    Thanks a lot, amazing channel

  3. hehehe, nice video DAB DAB DAAAAB, by the way i want to know something, you know some of us live outside of the US, so how do we get some of theses jobs to do? or do we have some that are remote?

  4. I live in Tampa Florida and there is about 10% of the amount of jobs as San Fran and NY. It sucks. There's like maybe 1 node job and they're looking for senior dev, and only like 55 in total web dev jobs. I gotta move lol

  5. Hahaha you seem happy today! 😀
    Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate your vids.

    UPDATE: So I've been looking on Indeed, and oh man the applications scare me.
    I'm living in the Netherlands btw, and well, the Dutch always stand out with their requirements for EVERYTHING!

  6. lol I live in small town in Slovakia……. 12 dollars/h is awesome for me XD ……. So html + CSS thats it ? I can do Bootstrap, javascript, jquery, PHP, learning React and I thought I still need to learn at least Laravel or something to get hired :P

  7. True, all they can say is no and it doesnt cost you anything to just apply and see what happens, great advice once again

  8. Enjoyed this video! The language thing is hilarious. I totally feel you on trying to keep things buttoned up, but this is a conversation among friends so it's all good. Nice to get a real picture of what the finish line looks like….

  9. What kind of junior developer opportunities can I find if I have a portfolio with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP? I'm comfortable with HTML and CSS, still learning Javascript, and plan on learning PHP later…and learning WordPress later on down the line.

    I'm located in the NYC area if that matters.

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