Write effective QA Resume that will turn to interview call

Write effective QA Resume that will turn to interview call

Learn and practice real-world skills and achieve your goals.

Its Time to Get Shortlisted for all the eligible job openings at your Location

Write Cracking resume by just following the tips and guidelines from this course and get Interview call for the positions which you have applied for


Are you struggling to get Interview Calls?Having real time Experience in various Technologies but lagging in presentation Skills?Trained on QA Testing courses and willing to add that knowledge as project experience in your Resume?

Want to know what effective guidelines in Resume writing will impress Hiring Manager on first shot

If you are in any of above State, Then this course is for you

This course Explains

Part 1 :Importance of Effective Resume

—Resume Template Standards

—How to write eye catching story in each section of Resume to impress Recruiter

—Organising skills and experience to make Resume look more professional

Tips and tricks to make resume more effecitive

Unlocking the Commom mistakes does every one do in designing Resume

Part 2:

—Adding QA (Software Testing) related experience in Resume

—Adding Manual Testing project Experience on impressing Note

What Keywords to use when you are applying for Testing position

—Adding Web/Mobile-Automation experience(Selenium,QTP,Appium) to the Project roles and responsibilites

—Adding Performance/Webservices Testing experience

Do’s and dont’s in writing QA Resume


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Write effective QA Resume that will turn to interview call

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